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Review of things we’ve personally used and found to be useful.

The Truth About Gamefly

Service: Unlimited Video Game Rentals Gamefly Review Rating: 4/5 Cost: $7.95 per month for first month/ $15.95 per month afterwards Shipping Cost: Free Late Fees: No Special Offer: Try GameFly for Free What is GameFly? GameFly provides unlimited video game rentals through a mail-in service. Basically you go to their website choose which video game […]

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How to Start a Hip Hop Blog?

I had quit my dead-end job in September of 2007 and had no idea what I was going to do. I had read many “self help” books that all advised to do something I enjoyed so I started this site YoRapper to review hip hop albums. Since then this site has grown tremendously and has been a life changing experience, teaching me a whole bunch of stuff. I thought it would be cool if I share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that could hopefully help you start your own blog or whatever website you’re starting. Keep in mind there are many options nowadays to make your own blog, I’m only going to speak on my experience since that’s what I know about duh! Read more

Gamefly Adding PC/Mac Game Downloading Feature

We’ve talked a bit about Gamefly on here and have generally been impressed with their service. A key area Gamefly needed to work on however was the computer gaming market particularly allowing users to download games straight to their computer. Well it seems like our prayers have been answered as Gamefly is in beta testing […]

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How to Meet Girls on Facebook: Cupid Review

Facebook’s popularity has largely been because most users have to give their real name and the only people that can view your profile are the people you approve. Because of this emphasis on “trust”, Facebook isn’t very good at meeting new people -just keeping in touch with the people you already know. Well what if […]

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Review: Coosh Headphones


The good folks over at Coosh sent me a pair of cool headphones to test and asked me to give my two cents. Since I am a bit of an audiophile as I have been mixing songs and making beats for over 10 years I figured I have some expertise in testing headphones. I’m breaking this review down into three parts: Sound quality, Comfort and Durability. There’s also some bonus videos from The Massive Monkees inside. Read more