Cash Money Records Sues Dj Drama and Mixtape Djs

Man I’ve been wondering the same thing, how the hell has Lil Wayne’s mixtapes ended up in best buy? Anyway, Cash Money serves Dj Drama and various other Djs with court papers for allegedly turning mixtapes into albums for sale. The video features Frank Nino from Makin’ Moves Entertainment discussing the whole situation as well as showing the documents. There’s also some random guy who spits a crazy battle verse at Baby and Lil Wayne.

One thought on “Cash Money Records Sues Dj Drama and Mixtape Djs

  1. Fuck…I forgot what this blog was about when the nigga started spittin. WHO IS THAT?! He sound like one of my Philly peoples! And bein that it’s DJ Drama who’s gettin sued it probably is. PA STAND UP!

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