Cam’ron Sells Juelz Santana For $2 Million

Camron Juelz Santana Jim Jones

It was all good just a few years ago.

No Juelz is not Cam’s slave. But according to Miss Info, Killa has sold Juelz Santana from Dip Set Records to parent company Def Jam for $2 million dollars. Basically, Juelz no longer has to wait on lazy ass Cam to approve things and he can now deal directly with Def Jam to get his languishing career re-started.

Now the fact that this happened has really no bearing on anything, but the implications of all this are pretty crazy. Essentially this means that Cam, who had a real chance at the throne in the earlier part of the decade, has either thrown in the towel or has lost his mind. I’m not really sure what’s happened to Killa but I suspect either him affirming his “no snitching” policy on 60 Minutes (which exposed him as a goof) or his parading about in his underwear screaming out Curtis has something to do with it.

Here’s what Juelz had to say about the break-up,

A! What’s good !! Yeah, I’m free!! And ready to do me!! But its still Dip Set 4 life!! Its just going to be a new chapter!!

I have no hard feeling for Cam, after all, he did give me a chance!!! But I will say this I was loyal to him and he took advantage.

I would like to say sorry to all my fans, and the DJs, and most of all, my city, New York. Play time is over. I’m back. Y’all niggas know what time it is.

Juelz Santana, Mr. HD, Young Splashy Splash. Skullgang, the new movement to move wit!! Mixtape coming up soon, my solo mixtape (”the Reagan Era”).

I have a joint venture with Def Jam, a 50/50 deal…Yeah, it’s a new boss in town. Album is called Born to Lose, Built to Win!!!! (The rise of the skullgang). So just prepare for the future ’cause I have.

Dip Set 4 Life Skullgang 4ever
P.S. Immmmmm baaaaack A!!!! Source

On a side-note who would have thought Jim Jones would overtake Cam? This is the equivalent to Memphis Bleek taking out Jay-Z.

6 thoughts on “Cam’ron Sells Juelz Santana For $2 Million

  1. haha yall see cam pull a rabbit out his hat and get that paper outta nowhere!!

  2. Home boi probably the most talented in the crew. The move is long overdue

  3. yo trooper is that really saying much?

  4. Man, yall dont know about shit, period. Cam is lazy? After all the shit he done, after bein the only real nigga in dipset to stand up to 50 cent. Juelz and Jimmy will never have cake like Cam. They are pawns, and are disloyal cowards on top of that. Did you forget about the Sizzurp liquor deal? Q uarter of a billion the first 2 years. But Jimmy got more money, huh? Know the fact before you say dumb shit. Ballin was two fuckin years ago, and Cam made more off of that than jimmy did.

  5. juelz da real nigga 4real he da real rappa jimmy come in second place cam only can make beats he should b bhind a fukin table he shouldnt have sold juelz 4 no amount so juelz iz fukin loyal cam aint cauz he sold elz like he was his slave and done wit em like dat.

  6. All i kno is Cam is the most sexiest man alive hes been in the game for a long time. And as far as juelz goes he’ll be arite.

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