Cheapest Ringtone Site Ever.

OMG buying ringtones is such a b*tch! I was getting ringtones through this one company, I’d rather not mention, and they were charging something like $10 bucks a month for 10 friggin’ ringtones. At first they were cool because they gave me 15 free rigntones for signing up but then when I wanted to cancel they gave me a major run around. The thing I didn’t know was that they were going to bill my cell phone company and this was a major no-no. I had to complain like hell to cancel and was charged an additional cancellation fee! What a piece of sh*t rip off!

So after I got rid of them. I still needed a cheap ringtone site that wasn’t going to over charge me. I searched and searched and found this ringtone site and let me tell you, you will not find a cheaper ringtone site anywhere. They charge $1.99 a month for UNLIMITED ringtone downloads. Yes I know sick. But the best part is they DO NOT CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE CARRIER. Sorry I had to capitalize that. On top of that you pay by credit card so no need to worry about fraud or getting your refund back, because if you know anything about shopping online using your credit card is a MUST!!!

So if you want to buy ringtones for cheap I suggest you click here to check out Funtonia now!

2 thoughts on “Cheapest Ringtone Site Ever.

  1. is this true because i want the cheapest ringtone NOW!!!

  2. yeah its pretty cheap. thanks!

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