Bush Cares About Black People?

George Bush fishing in New Orleans

What’s got me pissed of this week? What else? The “cons” and Bush. Particularly, the argument George Bush and the republicans put forth this week as to why they had to shorten the republican convention. I’m sure you remember that during Hurricane Katrina Bush and his skull gang continually said that their reason for not acting quick enough was because “dealing with natural disasters was the responsibility of the state government”. So while 1,836 people drowned to death, the day after Katrina hit Bush and McCain were cutting birthday cake…how sweet.

Now fast forward three years later when Bush’s approval rating is at an all time low for any President, roughly 28% at last count. And oh yeah there’s an election in 60 some odd days and the republican candidate is down 5 points in the latest gallup poll. What do you do within this context, when word gets out that a Hurricane Gustav will be hitting New Orleans? Is it time to make things right?

Well according to the republican playbook they should have gone on with their convention business as usual since natural disasters are the responsibility of the state government right? Wrong the #1 rule in the republican playbook, which trumps all other rules except the rule that Karl Rove is always right, is the rule that the President must make decisions according to public opinion. Since public opinion would have looked even more unfavorably at Bush and by extension McCain if he ignored Hurricane Gustav [sidebar: can opinion polls go into negative numbers?], Bush and the republicans had to cut their convention short and spin it as if they were actually going to help out.

As if f*cking Bush is going to be building levies or something.

3 thoughts on “Bush Cares About Black People?

  1. Can’t say I like bush very much, and I sort of see what you are saying, but would you prefer he did nothing about it this time?

  2. Nah im just saying they only do things for themselves.

  3. Lol… the only rule is that Karl Rove is always right lmao

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