Budden et all supergroup?


What do you guys think of this idea? Budden, Royce Ortiz and likely Crooked I form a group to do a street album? I’m not so sure about this whenever other “supergroups” have been formed in the past they have been flaming disasters (see. The Firm, Four Horsemen, The Commission, etc).

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Peep the next clip where the crew goes beat shopping to producer Red Spyda’s studio.


3 thoughts on “Budden et all supergroup?

  1. How was The Commission a “flaming disaster?” Just cuz Big got shot?

    Meth and Red was a super group that wasn’t a disaster…they’re aight.

  2. I think I was thinking more along the lines of they didn’t put out any music. Also I forgot to mention Jay-Z group with DMX and Ja Rule that never went anywhere.

  3. Damn that redspyda first beat is on another level!!

    that group could be dope, joey seems to be the leader and thats a good look
    its all good for padded room buzz if that collabo album drop sometimes in december, cheaaaahh

    ohh yes, halfway house is fucking amazing, joey just proves with this, that he is still the best lyricaly without complainging or biting like he did in mm2 and mm3.
    Some positives songs
    Budden keep wining!

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