Brisco Gets “Revenge”


Here’s the new Brisco joint about his recent robbery called “Revenge”. In the track he claims the robbers we’re Haitian and hence the French in the track.

I’m really looking forward to this guy’s album and I think most Southern rappers are trash. Speaking of trash rappers, anyone listening to anything good lately? In other words, worth reviewing? I briefly checked out the Fabolous, Slaughterhouse and Red & Meth albums, not sure which one I wan’t to review yet. All seem kinda sub-par to me.


2 thoughts on “Brisco Gets “Revenge”

  1. Review all of them anyway. Do Slaughterhouse and Meth in light of their beef.

  2. Well out of all 3 of those i’d have to say Fabs album had the best production therefore making it the best to listen to.

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