Blueprint 3 Debuts at #1 on Billboard

Jay-Z Blueprint 3

Was there any surprise that Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 wouldn’t hit #1 on Billboard? In it’s first week alone, BP3 pushed 475,670 units. Not only are the numbers impressive but this also makes Jay-Z the first solo artist EVER to have 11 #1 albums. “Jigga held you down 11 summers damn!”.

In other album sale news, Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 sold a cool 67,625 albums, which I guess isn’t bad for having no mainstream singles. In fact if you compare it to Slaughterhouse’ dud which dropped a few weeks back, there only at 33,180 copies. Me thinks Royce, Joel and Crooked I are going to be kicking out Joey out soon.

Fab’s album Loso’s Way, which is the most generic album in rap history, sold a little over 200k. Honestly, Fabolous needs to call it quits, he ain’t no artist.


3 thoughts on “Blueprint 3 Debuts at #1 on Billboard

  1. Damn… You’re so stupid. You know shit bout rap. Loso is great. And you’re lame. Ya dig?

  2. Thanks for visiting.

  3. i am really surprised at both i thought jay would at least go 600,000 and rae would go almost but not reach 100,000 i dont know i guess im the only one with time and money to waste… i dont know, and you know i can’t say sluaghter house was a dud, you really can’t say there aren’t some real real banger on there, it didn’t live up to the expectations in my opinoin but wasn’t a dissapointment in my mind,

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