Blog Shut Down for Posting Lupe’s Album

Lupe Fiasco

Talk about Fed’s taking pictures. Atlantic records, Lupe’s massa, issued a ‘cease and desist’ (whatever that means) against The Young Kingz Daily blog thereby causing him to shut down his site. Ouch! Here is the bloggers final statement:

Well as you know all good things must come to an end. Today my end has arrived. This morning I have received an email from Atlantic Records, and they have ordered me to remove this website immediately. The recent post of Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” (HQ Webrip) has been removed due to representatives telling me to take them down. This blog has become part of my life, but today I must let it go for good. To anyone posting albums be careful because there is a fault in piracy, and you can be at risk. You can test the product, but if you don’t support, the artists suffer dramatically. I would like to thank all the bloggers for visiting my blog, and all the people who have supported the blog. For a farewell song listen to Jay-Z’s “Encore” because I will be back incorporating my skills some place in the music industry. From the bottom of my heart Young Kingz P.S. To all the bloggers, I say farewell! My blog will shut down tomorrow afternoon.

Wow. What did Atlantic expect when they let MTV allow you to stream the whole album on their site? You don’t think we can’t record that? Come on, these computer nerds figured out how to download videos of youtube and music of myspace. Get your internet game up Atlantic [sidebar: I can talk shit because I don’t have any copyright music for download (read the legal), sorry not going to get me]. Oh well, I guess Atlantic is trying to make up for letting Food & Liquor leak like five months before it dropped.

PS. Message boards be afraid, very afraid.

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