Birdman “Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Is No Rock Album”


My favorite low-IQ-down-south rapper, Birdman confirmed with VIBE that Lil Wayne’s next album, Rebirth, won’t be a rock album.

“It’s not a rock record,” Baby told VIBE recently during an exclusive interview. “That’s what I think people are getting misunderstood. When you speaking about a rock record, you think he’s got a guitar and everything, but it’s not that. It’s going to be some of those types of beats, but it’s just great music. I don’t think no artist can do what he about to get done. My son is a rock star.”

Aside from addressing the direction of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, Birdman makes an uber bold remark about Lil Wayne’s supposed greatness.

“He can rap, he can sing, he’s just an artist,” he says. “I don’t think no one will ever be greater [than Wayne] because I don’t no one puts in the time or the quality. If someone do come along, can you imagine what he’ll have to do? He got to put out one thousand mixtapes, do a thousand records [and] sell 100 million records. 2Pac, Jay-Z and Biggie didn’t get to the shit Wayne’s done.”

Two things: (1) I knew Lil Wayne couldn’t pull of a record album because his auto-tune sounds awful next to guitars and real drums and (2) Since when did putting out the most music make you the best at something? I thought this was supposed to be art, not sports. Imagine Leonardo da Vinci put out ten million copies of the Mona Lisa, how much would that be worth? Shouldn’t art be defined by quality and not quantity? And the truth is Lil Wayne has no classic albums.


4 thoughts on “Birdman “Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Is No Rock Album”

  1. the carter III is and undoubtly will come to be considered a “classic”

  2. no classics?!??! lmao straight hater carter 1 and 2 are both classic!gtfoh

  3. First, can you say spring break 2009 real drums and guitar and weezy sounded awsome. Second, The Leonardo Da Vinci comparison is stupid because they would still be the same painting. Third, Lil Wayne puts more time into his free music than most artists put into there whack one hit wonders. ex. (we don’t dance no more all we do is ROY, Stanky Leg,) Please!!!! Been handlin the game so long my thumbs bruised!!!

  4. U right people are stupid to think lil wayne is considered to be the greatest and he doesnt have any lyrics and no flow he talks through tracks and that autotune shit is annoying and everboby using it like its cool that proves hes not original. on the song lollipop he said ” I told her back it up like burp burp” that is the stupidest lines i ever heard in my life.

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