Birdman “But no such thing as me buying no CDs”


In an interviw with Sway, Birdman speaks out against allegations that Cash Money has been buying back CDs for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 4 which recently went platinum in a week.

Here the full interview:

Here’s Birdman response:

That really don’t make no sense. Why would we do that? I press and distribute em. Ain’t no need for me to buy em, that’s hustling backwards; we ain’t in it for that. I ain’t ever been a part of that type of scheme to be buying records. We’re real about what we do, we work hard every day at it, and we work for the people. That’s what we do music for, for people. And we appreciate the love they give us back. But no such thing as me buying no CDs, I wouldn’t even play it like that.

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