Bill O’Reilly Criticizes Eminem for Palin Lyrics

Here we go again. I’m starting to think this a conspiracy, as soon as Eminem drops a new video and has an album waiting to drop, the media starts giving him extra hype by attacking him over his ohhh so controversial lyrics. The guys been pulling this stuff for over a decade now, wouldn’t Bill O’Reilly have a clue? Anyway whatever is going on, Billy boy sure hates rap music.

Watch Bill O’Reilly attack Eminem for Palin lyrics:
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4 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Criticizes Eminem for Palin Lyrics

  1. lmfao Travis Trit?

  2. eminem is a vulgar, raunchy degenerate… he is VILE AND DISGUSTING and so is his music and anyone who listens to it…..

  3. You know what? I think the execs might throw Bill a few dollars under the table to go on these rants like he does. Lord knows if I had an artist I’d do it. I’d give Oprah a cool millie to shout out my artists name. The turnaround would be even greater. And Toni…you’ve gotta be kidding me…

  4. yo toni Palin is a Milf to the nation, get over it, lmfao I’ve heard many grown men who voted for mcain who said they’d do much much worse. I work at a small hardware store in long island, and fucking election day i was getting pissed it was that lilly white republican, and lmfao real talk, i heard my boss getting into specifics on what shes wearing lingerie with strap stockings and the stilettos, and then fucking her. I’m assuming you are a woman because of the spelling, and you mean to tell me you’re in the closet girlfriend hasn’t ever stuck her tounge all the way up your fat but still flat butt. Seriosuly come on they made pornos about Palin, you acting like you’ve never heard anyone speak of Palin like shes nasty ass Hillary Clinton, get the FUCK out of here

    Also to fred I could see executives throwing some cash for publicity, but then i can’t just because he onl;y goes after the guys who have already established major popularity, like Nas, Luda, Eminem, and Snoop too i think. If i was an executive I’d throw money at one of my most promising new artists, Papa Bill is trying to get the most noticable recognizable names so parents thinking “this is my kids favorite singer, and they are racist to whites, unamerican, and bad…..” therefore its getting bad publicity, but in hip hop bad publicity is the best publicity, and on top of it, the funny thing though is that for people who hate Oreilly, it has the adverse affect of almost likeing this song, when you ignore eminem. and you know Oprah would cost more than a million
    I apoligize for this being so long

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