BET’S Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century

I’m really not sure what Drake is doing on this list? And I wonder where Jay-Z is? Considering the 21st century started in 2000 and Jay-Z dropped The Blueprint in 2001 he should be on here. I also don’t think Jeezy or Ludacris should be on their considering Nelly and Ja Rule sold way more albums than them.

10. Rick Ross
9. Jadakiss
8. Young Jeezy
7. Drake
6 Ludacris
5. T.I.
4. 50 Cent
3. Kanye West
2. Lil Wayne
1. Eminem


8 thoughts on “BET’S Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century

  1. HOW THE FUCK is drake on here? he hasn’t even released two fucking albums yet and the first one wasn’t good.

    i’m not even going to get into all the fucked up reasons as to why Hova isn’t on the list.

  2. jay is not on there cause he made his debut before 1999-2010

  3. oh and ludacris mustve sold more than ja

  4. I think Drake got on there cause his producer was one of the judges.

    And since when does the 21st century start in 1999? According to wikipedia the 21st century starts January 21st, 2001. Which would then exclude Lil Wayne and Eminem from this list.

  5. lmfao this is pretty stupid.

  6. i know, they only did that so they could include wayne and em :D pretty stupid if u ask me.. kanye is #1 this century no question

  7. The 21st century began at 12:00 AM, January 1, 2000. What the fuck is wrong with you, YoRapper? Hisssss. kidvish, do you know what a century is? We’ve got 90 more years left in the current one! What the fuck is wrong with all y’all? They rapin’ ever’body out here. Hisssss, again.

  8. 1 Eminem
    2 Joe Budden
    3 Andre 3000
    4 Big Boi
    5 Jody Breeze
    6 TI
    7 Kayne West
    8 Jay Z
    9 Lil Wayne
    10 Ludacris

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