Best Video Chick Alive: Angel aka Lola Luv

XXL usually has some questionable Eye Candy hoe’s (hey they gotta pick one a month) but their pick for Eye Candy of the Year, Angel Melaku aka Lola Luv, is the Best Video Chick Alive since the Last Video Chick Retired. This chick is the finest women I’ve ever seen on my pc/tv (she even badder than that Esther Baxter chick? Whatever happened to her?). She’s actually has a pretty face, unlike most video hoes/strippers/general whores and I don’t even care if her ass and titties are fake.

As you may or may not be aware their have been allegations that her biggest assets are Canal Street knock offs. But damn if those ass/tits are fake, they are some damn good fakes. It’s like those fake Rocawear jeans, things look so damn real, who cares [sidebar: why make Jay any more richer?]. I can say, if Angel is really Ethiopian then her ass is real. Cause those East African chicks have them tight waists with booty that comes out of nowhere.

As for her boobies, I think they fake, but are some damn good fakes [sidebar: These are the kind of titties Lil Kim should have picked]. Cause check out this picture from earlier on in her video ho career….see small tat tats, but booty meat remains. Also look at the size of her, she petite, ain’t no fat on her, so therefore no way she going to have titty meat. But like I said who cares, next year there will be another video hoe with even more outrageous body proportions parading for all us pigs.

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