Beanie Sigel “How Can I Kill Jigga Man”

Oh Beanie.

Sigel drops of his latest freestyle over Cypress Hill’s “How I Could Just Kill a Man” and yes its a Jay-Z diss.

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4 thoughts on “Beanie Sigel “How Can I Kill Jigga Man”

  1. I think im done caring about this, weak.

  2. Haha indeed.

    He’s also got another diss, but you can google that if you really want.

    All his songs sound like they his same ol stuff all he did was added Jay-Z’s name to it.

  3. See I have a HUGE feeling that Beans is tryin to bait Jay. Jay ain’t stupid…he’s probably not gonna make a diss record…which is gon make Beans look even MORE stupid. BUT…if he does respond I think Beans has the REAL diss record waiting…featuring maybe ummmmmm…Peedi Crakk??

  4. Jay isn’t even going to say anything to this peon. Seriously Beans move on.

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