Beanie Sigel “What You Talking Bout” (Jay-Z Diss)

Beanie Sigel goes in on Jay-Z. Apparently, Beanie Sigel is upset with Jay-Z for a number of reasons:

1) At Sigel’s hearing the judge asked Jay-Z to take responsibility for Sigel’s whereabouts, and Jay-Z said “no”.
2) Jay-Z didn’t give him the proper marketing to sell more records like how 50 Cent gave G-Unit “hit singles”. Beans wonders why Jay-Z was never on his singles.
3) Jay-Z didn’t visit Beanie Sigel when he was in jail in 2003, but 50 Cent came to visit his uncle every month, even though Fifty was much busier selling 10 million records.
4) He feels Jay-Z owes him a conversation or more particularly a schooling on “how to get money” (i.e. get an accountant, lawyer, etc.)

Listen to the Jay-Z diss record below.

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Peep the radio interview Beanie Sigel did talking about the Jay-Z diss.

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2 thoughts on “Beanie Sigel “What You Talking Bout” (Jay-Z Diss)

  1. the diss was a terrible song, but i’ll give it to him because you can tell he picked that ashit so yall can understand him. The interview is interesting though. like i said in the past though Jay really seems like a dick and never wants anyone in his clique to surpass him. The thing where i’m siding with Jay though is because beans is saying they were a family, jay looks at it as a business, personally I’d side with loyalty, but you can’t get where Jay is today giving everyone everything they want, even if beans tried to give everything he wanted (except record sales)

  2. Yeah if anything Beans was a liability to the business. He was way too street and didn’t appeal to the majority and hence couldn’t go platinum.

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