Barack Obama Blasts Rev. Wright


Responding to the comments Rev. Wright made yesterday, Barack Obama puts his former pastor on blast for being the crazy uncle we all knew he was. I’m personally sick of this issue, and don’t see how it has any relevance on Barack Obama as President of the United States. I can guarantee if we look into the people John McCain is friends or family with or the people Hilary Clinton is friends or family with we’ll find a few yahoo Klan members. John McCain is 72 years old, he was alive way before Black people could even vote, your telling me his parents did not use the “n-word”, that he never used the “n-word”? C’mon.

Judging someone via “guilty by association” is pretty much the worst thing you can do to someone because you are prejudging them. Anyone with half a brain that’s heard Obama speak knows he does not harbor any of the same feelings Rev. Wright does. Rev. Wright was simply the man who brought Barack Obama to Christianity.

Another thing is that this is his pastor, not his best friend. When your a grown man you don’t have time to even chill with your best friends, at best he saw his pastor once a week for an hour on Sundays. To say Barack agreed with My priest doesn’t believes gays should be married, do I automatically believe the same thing? No. This whole thing has become ridiculous.



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