Back to the Future: Who Got Next?

Back to the Future

In 2000, I said Fifty was next. In 2002, I said Sean Paul. In 2003, I said Kanye. In 2004, I said Jeezy. Right now I’m confused. I am not sure who will become the next big artist in hip hop. I have four dudes in mind, but am not 100% sure if any of them can really captivate the publics imagination as I am going to have to hear some more music. But for debate sake they are:

Red Cafe
3) Red Cafe
He has a great voice and flow for commercial hip hop, not to mention he has done some solid ghostwriting and is also signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik imprint. His only drawback, (which is huge), is his story may be too similar to 50 Cent.

Red Cafe
2) Peedi Peedi
A unique flow and clear voice for commercial hip hop. He certainly has a less annoying flow than partner in rhyme, Freeway. However, being niggarican has it’s draw backs if the swag is not perfected. But he can look to Big Pun’s blueprint for pointers, not mention he has Big Hov in his corner.

Kardinal Offishall
1) Kardinal Offishall
The unlikeliness of a rapper from Toronto, Canada making it big in the U.S. may seem like a daunting task to achieve. However, everyone loves the underdog story, especially in America, and if he comes with the hits, he would be hard to deny. He is also signed to hitmaker Akon’s Konvict Muzik label as well, so it looks as if Akon has a good chance of presenting the world with the next best thing in hip hop.

Kardinal Offishall
Wild Card) Gillie Da Kid
Although, he doesn’t have a major deal as yet. Gillie has a serious chance of taking over the whole industry the same way Fifty did. He has a good flow and voice, but most of all his swag is on another level. Some one needs to give this man a deal like yesterday. He’s the one who gave Lil’ Wayne his east coast delivery! I really think the industry cats are scared to let Gillie in, cause he might not actually sell out like Fifty did (but probably will). But then again, Gillie is the streets.

Also check out this deal for 500 free songs from Itunes (only for U.S residents). It’s good to stock up on some hard to find music, not to mention legal downloads that support the artist. Plus, Itunes makes it easier to find the damn song anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Back to the Future: Who Got Next?

  1. I'm glad you think Kardi is gonna blow up cause everyone in Canada is thinking the same thing, but do me and everyone a favour in Canada spell the man's name right it ain't official it's OFFISHALL get it right!

  2. thanks, these damn rappas and their bad spelling.

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