Ashkay Kumar ft. Snoop Dogg – Singh Is King


Snoop Dogg assist Punjabi singer Ashkay Kumar on this new joint “Singh Is King”. I suppose Snoops trying to get his rupees up. But I’m not sure whether this makes Indian folk look corny or if it makes Snoop look corny.

4 thoughts on “Ashkay Kumar ft. Snoop Dogg – Singh Is King

  1. Probably not the best time to say this, but Jay-Z’s remix with Punjabi Indians was classic

  2. Haha yeah that song is dope. Btw it was Punjabi MC.

  3. Just to let you know, Akshay Kumar is not a singer or Punjabi, but he is a lead actor in Bollywood

  4. This song rocked a whole lot.

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