Asher Roth x Kid Cudi x A-List Radio Freestyle


Asher Roth can spit. Kid Cudi not so much. Sorry hipsters.

3 thoughts on “Asher Roth x Kid Cudi x A-List Radio Freestyle

  1. wo wo wo.. you cannot say that kid cudi cannot spit. did you see the first freestyle that was just cudi???? he goes too hard. i am a huge asher roth fan but cudi is da shit too. dont even try to dogg my nigga cudi

  2. Hey be sure to catch Asher Roth on Last Call with Carson Daly, tonight at 1:30 am, on NBC!!! Should Be great!

  3. Before you say kid cudi can’t freestyle. I would like to see you freestyle. Kid cudi is the best rapper.

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