Are You Giving the Best Deal?

No matter what you do, whether your in school, have a 9 to 5, run your own business or unemployed you are giving someone or something a deal. By “deal” I mean a service or a product. If your in school your giving yourself an education (because in 2008 teacher’s don’t really teach), if your in a cubicle, your giving your services to your company, if your running your own business, your giving your services to your employees and customers, if your unemployed your giving yourself a deal too -a bad one. From my experience, the majority of people want the best deal for themselves, but hardly take the time out to give the best deal or best service. Why is this a problem for YOU?

Not to get all mystical on you (where’s that foo anyway?), but the universe has a weird way of rewarding those who give the best deal. In other words, those that are passionate about their work/craft/hobby/thingyoudo get the biggest reward. And by reward I mean they become filthy rich, with endless supplies of money, fame, glory, women and more women. If you have the foresight to pick something your good at early, you’ll be a millionaire before your 20. If your like most people, you’ll have to get good at something first and give it your all -and by all I mean all, no half stepping, half ass, half attempt, anything with a “half” in it -matter a fact, eliminate the word from your vocab.

So if your thinking about studying the night before, showing up late for work tomorrow, or forgetting about going that extra mile for that customer. Ask yourself are you giving the best deal?


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