Are You Focused?

I came to the realization that even though I work hard, I’m having a hard time focusing. Why? Do I need to focus, because if I’m not aware of what my actions today are doing to myself tomorrow I’m going to be going nowhere in life. I just started reading Obama’s second book, The Audacity of Hope, and all I have to say is “Obama is focused mannnn“. Aside from graduating Harvard Law school which required enough focus in itself, when Obama first ran for office in the Illinois Senate he was focused.

Do you know how difficult it is to run a political campaign when you have no money? No help? No staff? No volunteers? I don’t think Obama did, but what he did do was talk to everyone he could in his riding day in and day out. Do you know how much focus it takes to knock on strangers doors and convince them to vote for you? This is no different than what Master P did when he was on the come up or any street hustler. But what separates the winners from the losers are that the winners are continually focused. They are not just focused for one minute or one week, they are focused for life. It is a matter of do or die. When you are faced with either doing something or dying, you’re probably going to do it (though some would probably give up and die).

Everyone wants to be rich. But not everyone is focused enough to get there. It is not about how smart you are or what color your skin is or what your parents do for a living. Obama is regarded among us as role model in the hip hop community because he is a post-Jay-Z role idol. Let me clarify this, for a lot of guys having no father figure, Jay-Z has become the embodiment for many of us of what a man should be. I know I consider Jay one of my role models and a big reason for my success. But Obama is Jay-Z’s idol, he never had to do anything illegal to get where he is at and I don’t think any of you should either -as long as you are focused.

So the question is are you focused?

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