Are You A Victim? Or a Hustler?

Im a Hustler

Well are you? A victim is someone who blames others for their misfortune, someone who depends on others for their livelihood, depends on alcohol or crack or any other drug to make it through the day, and/or someone who depends on the government to provide the basic necessities of life. A victim is pretty much the exact opposite of a hustler. And by hustler I mean someone who is entrepreneurial in that they take it upon themselves to change their financial situation.

A victim, on the other hand, waits for others to improve their financial situation. They buy lottery tickets praying to God their numbers will be called, they go to the casino, hoping to hit the jackpot, or they simply just work the bare minimal at their shitty ass job for the rest of their life and die without having accomplished anything. Now are you a victim?

If your reading this and thinking “nah I ain’t no victim”, I’ve got news for you, you are. The overwhelming majority of people are victims. Look at the democratic primaries right now, what’s the big issue, NAFTA. The democratic voters are blaming NAFTA for losing their jobs? Are you serious? If your job is so important and you loved it so much than you should move to where you think your job was shipped too. You’d only have to either move to Mexico or Canada, either which wouldn’t be as bad as being a victim blaming a governmental policy that promotes the free trade of goods and services across borders.

Now I’m sorry for calling you a victim, I know most of the loyal yorappers are true hustlers and are consciously trying to change their situation and I am going through the same thing myself. It just erks me when these victims come crying on the tv screen hoping another person is going to better there situation. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t depend on a politician, a pastor, a rapper, a friend, your parents, your god, don’t depend on anyone to change your life other than YOU.

What did you do today to change your life tomorrow?

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