Another Boring J.Cole Interview

You may think J. Cole is the second coming. I think he’s the most boring guy on planet Earth and if this interview isn’t indicative of that, you’re probably very boring as well.

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7 thoughts on “Another Boring J.Cole Interview

  1. yorapper you seem to hate alot on this guy, did you not like the come up and the warm up :s

  2. no hate, just don’t think he has good lyrics.

  3. i loved the warm up. but its time to shit on this nigga, he got too many free passes.

  4. Not that YR enjoys hating or anything like that (I say that w/ great sarcasm). I’m gonna find and destroy you for disrespecting J., YoRapper!

  5. drake doesn’t have good lyrics either Yorapper but you seem to love him….

  6. drake’s lyrics are way better than j.coles.

  7. this guy is boring. none of his music is original or interesting he just babbles on and on about the same stuff as any other rapper. i fell asleep the first time i heard his music…no joke

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