Angel Lola Luv Please Stop


Angel Lola whips K’s? Wow. This is like the female equivalent to Plies.

2 thoughts on “Angel Lola Luv Please Stop

  1. She didn’t say she does it, she said she’s from da city wherethey do.
    Lol, its so funny how yall pick at things with this girl. When all the other female rapper talked about the same thing.
    At least she can actually flow n spit. She’s from my city and reps like hell. I love Lola. Do ur thing shawty fuck the haters these niggas aint truna see our city come up anyway.

  2. She said “Do a photoshoot, a movie or two then I take that bread and flip a k or two.”

    And just because some female rappers lie in their rhymes doesn’t mean it’s okay.

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