And You Can Get Barry to Suck My Bat B*tch

Young Barry Bonds

Poor Barry. He just got indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice. He allegedly lied to a federal jury about using performance enhancing drugs (aka roids). He’s been charged with four counts of perjury, one for obstruction of justice, which could put the home run king in the bing for 30 years! This is totally out of nowhere and is only being mentioned on YoRapper because of Kanye and Weezy’s track “Barry Bonds”.

Hey maybe thats what got Barry these charges, I mean the DA could have easily looked the other way, cause really who cares if he lied about juicing, he didn’t kill or steal from anyone [sidebar: unless you consider stealing the home run title thing]. I mean I think this just put him over the “nigga limit”, the DA was probably like “What Kanye West? Lil Wayne? Their making songs about this nigger? That’s it, he’s crossed the line. Book ’em Dano”.

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