American Loser

I’m going to introduce you today to a simple concept which has helped me a lot over the years. And it’s basically the idea, I call, individual responsibility. It’s a pretty straight forward way of thinking which I can summarize with the following motto;

“The Me Tomorrow is Going to Hate/Love the Me of Today if I Do action A or action B.”

Let me explain, what this means is that if you are going to drink and get crunk tonight “the you” tomorrow is going to hate your dumbass tomorrow for the puking and subsequent hangover, so you would drink in moderation. Now apply this to anything in life, school and work.

If your in school, it is only you that can get those grades up. If your working or running your own business, it is only up to you to make that money. Duh. I know. But with the recent election and with all these politicians telling us how they are going to save us, I feel the damn need to stand up and say “I don’t need to be saved, I can save my own damn self.” Don’t you?

To me only losers want to be saved, no scratch that, only losers are begging to be saved. No one on earth is going to save you (and no one in heaven is going to save you, but that’s for another day). For all my ladies out there, no man is going to save you, save yourself first before having kids and being another broke ass single mom. For my fellows, become a man first, before you have kids and screw up your life and some next persons life. Save yourself.

Act as if the government doesn’t give out welfare, act as if no one owes you anything, because guess what no one does owe you anything. Theres only one person that owes you everything and that’s yourself. This may not be the most popular thing to say (but hey I’m too popular anyway) stop believing in God and start believing in yourself. God’s not going to save you. The universe does work in weird ways to help your ass out, and God may or may not have something to do with it, but it is up to YOU to get there. Step up to the plate…

Don’t be an American Loser. BE A WINNER.

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