Am I The Only One That Thinks Plies is Hilarious…

Plies ringtone

You know with all the gayness going in hip hop it’s hard to keep track of what rappers are doing these days. But did you guys know that Plies is about to drop his third album and just four months after drop his forth album? Just to refresh, this guy came out in 2007.

Anyway the point of this post is to prove this guy is the funniest rapper of all time. How can you watch any of these videos with a straight face. Just watch the first minute of each video and die. Is this really happening Atlantic?

Plies Featuring T Pain – Shawty

Plies – Please Excuse My Hands Ft. Jamie Foxx & The Dream

Plies – Bust It Baby Part 2

Plies -Put It On Ya

4 thoughts on “Am I The Only One That Thinks Plies is Hilarious…

  1. well I could probably outrap him, but i’m glad i have yet to see him in the streets. aight now its time to bounce goodnight yorapper

  2. damn copyright licenses…lol i really wanted to laugh at plies. i always get a big chuckle at his expense.

    1. Plies is hilarity at its finest. Try to do a youtube search for those vids.

  3. plies is the worst rapper ever. i was so pissed to see him on gucci mane’s new track of all people

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