Alicia Keys Concert in Euroupe

Alicia Keys tickets

Check out these snaps of Alicia Keys on her Euroupean tour. Peep more pics inside.

These shots are from her show in Madrid, Spain. All I got is say damn them thighs looken’ healthy. Shawty got low. Ow.

All my ladies and soul brothers can pick up their Alicia Keys tickets right over here.

alicia keys tickets

alicia keys tickets

Alicia Keys Tickets

Alicia Keys Tickets
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4 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Concert in Euroupe

  1. well i think she are a great singer and i wish i were as populare like her and all my friends and i love her music!

  2. soy chico de mareecos arab heres mejor alicia keys ke tenga mocha swerte beso grande.

  3. to bellllllllll miimiiiiiiiiiiii u menk tro zoli j rèv 2 t voi 1 jour 2 ma vie big kissssss i love you so mutch

  4. i will always love alisha and her music, she will always have a place in my heart for ever, alisha has talent

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