REVIEW: The Game – LAX

The Game LAX review

Review: 3.5 out of 5

Best Songs: Letter to the King, Dope Boys, Money, Let Us Live, Touchdown

Game’s third installment, LAX and his last album hopes to certify him as one of rap’s greats as well as the King of Cali. However he’s not going to achieve either of those goals with this album as their are no “stand out” tracks. Wait has Game ever had a stand out track? He’s always had an amazing ability to pick beats and this album is no exception, but I think before Game says goodbye he’s got to put out more joints that solidify his base. If not by next year Game’s name will not be mentioned, except when people talk about the rap game (ha!). I know…Let’s get into this breakdown.

1. Intro with DMX
I actually thought their was something wrong with my CD when I turned this on because this sounds like DMX’s is put in fastforward kind of like how a crackhead talks.

2. LAX Files featuring Shorty (Produced by J.R. Rotem)
I always wondered who the singer channeling George Clinton was on all these West coast songs and wondered why don’t they have a deal and do a song, it would be hilarious. But anyway this is a song high school thugs in Civics would love.

3. State of Emergency featuring Ice Cube (Produced by J.R. Rotem)
I don’t know why I can’t stand Ice Cube’s voice no more. I guess after they play “You Can Do It” at every club, a song I despise with all my being, I turn this off as soon as the hook kicks in. I did learn that “California ain’t a state it’s a army”. Yes I’m sure we can ship off those Asian’s in Civics to deal with the Iraqis.

I can’t believe he said that line: “Tryna be Shaba Ranks time to flex”.

4. Bulletproof Diaries featuring Raekwon (Produced by Jelly Roll)
This is the kind of joint I would listen to after blazing up and just look for a reason to act up. I would probably end up getting my ass kicked.

5. My Life featuring Lil Wayne (Produced by Cool & Dre)
This song ain’t that bad, but it ain’t that good. What bothers me about this joint is that the hook is the exact same hook Lil Wayne did on Birdman’s song “So Tired”. The only difference is he T-Pain’d it. And So Tired > My Life. Yeah I said it.

6. Money (Produced by Cool & Dre)
A song title as cliche as “money” better damn well be inspiring to get money. Game delivers with a great car banger here and he does get lyrical too. Oh yeah, lyrically Game > 50 Cent. But money wise, Fifty > Game. Hey did you know Fifty trademarked “G-Unot” so Game couldn’t scream that out anymore or have to pay up? Chess not checkers.

Best line: “All we know rocks and Presidents like Mount Rushmore.”

7. Cali Sunshine featuring Bilal (Produced by Nottz)
Damn that Cali sunshine, I can only imagine what’s it like. I’ve only been to LA once and it was off the chain. For all my Cali heads I would think they got this joint on blast in their Civics instead of the future of Cali rap.

8. Ya Heard featuring Ludacris (Produced by Nottz)
This beat has a really cool sound, but the drum pattern sounds mad off. Nottz need to get Fruity Loops and step his kick-snare game up. Luda also makes an appearance here but he sounds like he’s trying to make a comeback but my only question is what’s with the gun talk? Isn’t Luda a cartoon rapper? Oh yeah and apparently, Game isn’t buying that the best rappers is Kanye and Wayne. Call me Mr.Me Too.

WTF line: “The way I ball the owner should come sit on me.”

9. Hard Liquor (Interlude)
For the record, Nas is the biggest nerd on any interlude. Anyone remember that Nas interlude on CNN’s War Report? Anyway, I have no clue what the point of the rest of this interlude is other than to show some guy with a fake Guana accent going into Game’s Phantom.

10. House of Pain (Produced by Dj Toomp)
This is one of those West coast songs that try to sound scary which was probably inspired by Dre & Snoop’s Deep Cover. I’m sure I would like this song after a few drinks then again I would probably super man that hoe after a bottle of Henny.

11. Gentleman’s Affair featuring Ne-Yo (Produced by J.R. Rotem)
After hearing this I’m 100% sure Ne-Yo is ghey. I think Game could have done better with this kind of support, c’mon J.R. Rotem and homosapian Ne-Yo? Just re-do Candy Shop for god sakes.

12. Let Us Live featuring Chrisette Michele (Produced by Scott Storch)
Wow Scott Storch actually produced this? I like the feel of this as it sounds like the music in a Sci-Fi movie starring Vin Diesel about a dystopian future. Game to his credit goes in channeling Nas and actually admits he sounds like little homie…well sorta.

13. Touchdown featuring Raheem DeVaughn (Produced by 1500 or Nothin’)
I really like this beat cause it sounds like hot summer sex with your AC broken and you have to actually leave the room when you’re done because it’s hotter than a mutherf*cker. What I like about this album is Game just did his thing and didn’t try to add cliche “girl songs”, if the song added to the album he kept it on. I wonder if he kept “Gangster Party” what Joe Budden fans would say.

14. Angel featuring Common (Produced Kanye West)
Kanye actually produced a west coast beat? I’m impressed. Instead of Common, Game should have got Skee-Lo and Coolio or something on this song and maybe Too $hort. And Devin the Dude to do the hook. Then this song would be out about wh0res or something else. Game sounds like he really doesn’t care on this joint which isn’t such a good thing considering its supposed to be a song reppin’ Los Angeles.

15. Never Can Say Goodbye featuring LaToya Williams (Produced by Ervin “EP” Pope)
This is the joint where Game does a karaoke of his rap idols Tupac, Biggie and Easy-E retelling through their eyes their last few moments alive. Unfortunately, he sounds like none of them. Though his Biggie impression sounds like Shyne and Gorilla Black. Speaking of Shyne when is that fool getting out? Has it been 9 years already? And speaking of Gorilla Black I wonder where he at with his karaoke ass?

16. Dope Boys featuring Travis Barker (Produced by 1500 or Nothin’)
This song better be the next single because it is really mean in the club, car or when homie performs it. People go ape. I wish Game took a few jabs at Jigga on this just for fun. I guess I’ll settle for the uppercuts into Curtis’ growing underbelly.

17. Game’s Pain featuring Keyshia Cole (Produced by Knobody & Dahoud Darien)
Oh god this song is awful. The drum sounds is crazy off, how did Keyshia even singing to this? Man Game should have just done a sextape with Keyshia now that would have been a collabo.

18. Letter to the King featuring Nas (Produced by Hi-Tek)
I’m speechless. Game and Nas actually make a great song together? This song is not only honest in its approach, but also pays appropriate homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And by “appropriate” I mean tasteful in only a way a rapper can be tasteful.

19. Outro with DMX
DMX does another prayer to close the album and seems like it’s been a while since his last fix so this is bearable.

Last Word:
In the interviews and press leading up to this album, Game seemed like he really doesn’t care how this album does. I know he wants to go out as a “real artist” and all and I think he’s going to go out as a respected mcee who had to deal with some BS from Curtis. Game’s ability to pick beats and create themed albums should serve him well for his own artists that he plans to release off Blackwall Street, but who are we kidding those albums will never come out.


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Game – LAX

  1. Indeed, a weak album,with no real standouts. The Game has been going downhill ever since he joined forces with Dre and thought he was something super… Now all I here is name dropping and “This aint a Dre beat” on like every damn song..

    His stuff before he joined aftermath, was pure genius. That was his prime, now he makes records to make money. He sold his soul.

  2. best album the game has released so far…

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