Al Sharpton Spars with Bill O over Michael Jackson Comments

Bill O’Reily has a problem with Al Sharpton’s comment that Michael Jackson is a “Black icon”, in this clip he questions Al Sharpton over such comments referring to Jackson’s white children as proof Michael Jackson is not an icon to the Black community.


3 thoughts on “Al Sharpton Spars with Bill O over Michael Jackson Comments

  1. I can’t really take O’Reilly serious sometimes knowing he suffers from angry old white man syndrome.

  2. Hahahah…this is funny. So what Bill is saying is that because Madonna and Angelina Jolie have some black babies they’re no longer significant in the white race either. Bill just needs to be taken off the air. I don’t see how a bitter man of such ignorance can even still have a show broadcasting news and debating. But hey…it IS FOX.

  3. That’s a good point about Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Never thought about it. Props!

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