Akon “Sexy Chick” Ringtone

Get David Guetta featuring Akon “Sexy Chick” ringtone sent to your phone now.

Go here to download Sexy Chick ringtone.

Sexy Chick ringtone

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4 thoughts on “Akon “Sexy Chick” Ringtone

  1. wat up i am sO happy tO leave a reply tO uuuuuuuu
    akOn u sO cOOl i lOve the music vidO and ya =]

  2. hay wat up u nO the music videO hypnotized i lOve the music videO and ur cunda cute tOO and wat nashO r u =p

  3. the song im so pad i have it on my ipod and i listen to it every day i go to school and i am the only person on this who talks to u i think so but it iz so cool talkin to a cute singer =/


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