Ace Hood – Bugatti Video feat. Future & Rick Ross

The rap game is a funny thing: the guys who are laughed at today become the superstars of tomorrow. Enter Ace Hood. I will be the first to admit that this guy has never impressed me, he’s always come across like a guy that Dj Khaled plucked out of nowhere thinking he could sell him as watered down Lil Wayne. While Ace did have a hood hit with the now forgotten Hustle Hard, it looks like he may be next up as he does hold his own against hook master Future, who proves his ignorant hook game is unparalleled, and boss of all faux bosses Rick Ross, who doesn’t really add anything here. The problem with Ace Hood is that he doesn’t have the “swag” of say a 2 Chainz or Trinidad James to excel in that ignorant rap style, he seems more like a dude that graduated community collage but still wanted to be street but all his street raps end up sounding corny.

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