Our Story


Established in 2007, YoRapper has grown from a humble music blog reviewing mostly hip hop albums and providing the latest in news and commentary into a full blown ecommerce experience. We use the same discerning taste that made us one of the premier hip hop blogs to guide our street fashion sense.

We our purveyors of dopeness.

Our Story:
One day in the not too distant past a hip hop head was forced to grow up and get a real job. Having worked in the corporate world for three years that young man, jaded by the world, decided he had had enough. After he had used all his vacation time he called his boss and told her he wasn’t coming in ever again. Having no job and no prospects he started YoRapper.com for fun until he found something better to do. A year later, YoRapper has grown into the most trusted source for hip hop news, videos, music and ringtones.


  • Google page rank 4, if that means anything to you.
  • Alexa ranking top 100k, if that means anything to you.
  • Over 100k unique visitors a month.
  • Over 200K page views a month.
  • Being sued by Jay-Z.
  • Over 3 million unique visitors since Sept 2007

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