Aaliyah is Rolling in Her Grave: New Song Features Drake

After Drake expressed interest in creating an Aaliyah duet album, it looks like he’s got the green light from her estate as today a new leak hit. The song features unheard Aaliyah vocals with production from Drake’s go-to-producer 40. Overall the track is blah. On the negative side, the beat is pretty much a rip on “Successful” and Aaliyah’s vocal are missing something which is obvious as this was from an unreleased record. On the plus side, Drake delivers a killer verse, taking subliminals at rappers selling less than 150k, only thing is how does this verse even fit the song? My guess is if Aaliyah heard this she would be rolling in her grave.

Update: Looks like Aaliyah’s estate isn’t happy with Drake. Aaliyah’s brother took to twitter to deny rumors about a posthumous Aaliyah album.

2nd Update: Drake confirms in this interview that him and his producer 40 are putting together an Aaliyah tribute and that her closet collaborators, ahem Timbaland and Missy Elliot will be involved.

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