$520 Nikes

Remember back in the day when having Nikes was the biggest thing ever? Once Nikes started releasing their lowest models to department stores it became even a bigger thing to have “Air” written across your Nikes to separate yourself from the “clearance item” Nikes. This ultimately turned kids into murderers killing for a pair of $200 Air Jordans. This shoe fetish still continues today for some, although the killing element is no longer with us.

Personally, I have a lot of really fresh sneakers that I keep in pristine condition, I don’t know what it is. I have like every kind of shoe in brand new condition and yes I do wear all of them, I just check the weather before I go out and don’t step in any dog doo-doo. I think it’s the fact that I was one of the kids whose mom couldn’t afford Nikes. Oh poor me. But now that I am a baller I suffer from that “I can buy whatever I want” mentality. Oh poor me. But anyway…

The number of companies offering exclusive Nikes, although lower now then when Nelly released that Air Force One song, is still burgeoning. Though the prices are really not justifiable unless you are a rap star, rich, or just a spoiled brat. Case in point, check out this pair of Electrical Storms Dunk High made by SBTG x DRS x MR..SK AC/DC PROJECT. They were just released today and are going for $520 a piece but there are only 6 pairs available in the whole wide world. Now that’s exclusive. There’s also a low cut Ones version if that’s your thing. You can pick these up by going here kix-files.com. And now the $520 dollar question would you cop these?






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3 thoughts on “$520 Nikes

  1. That shit looks like some Flashdance, Boy George, bullshit!

    In other words, hell to the naw!!

  2. I know some peoples that would be all over that shit… Me rather rock it a bit different.

  3. these are so tight i wish i had them i am going to get some

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