50 Cent’s Video Game Bulletproof Makes Top 10 Violent Games

50 Cent’s video game Bulletproof has made Kim Worthy’s Top 10 Violent Video Games. The list, which she compiles every year before Christmas, is her self-righteous attempt to urge parents to not purchase these games. Worthy advises, “Please do not buy these video games and bring them into your home. It desensitizes (children) to violent acts.” I’m sure Fifty would say “thank you for the promotion”, because now I’m sure as hell gonna check out these games!

Worthy also states, “It’s no wonder we’re seeing the crimes we’re seeing lately” linking violent video games to violent crime. This is all typical right-wing nonsense, the real question is how does she come up with these ratings? Does she sit there and play the game with a “oh I never” face. She’s probably on the last mission of GTA as we speak.

Here’s a complete list of the years most violent video games. Be sure to check them out for some good healthy holiday fun!

    Top 10 Violent Video Games

1. Grand Theft Auto
2. Manhunt
3. Scarface
4. 50 Cent’s Bulletproof
5. 300 The Video Game
6. The Godfather
7. Killer-7
8. Resident Evil 4
9. God of War
10. Hitman Blood Money

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