50 Cent Throws Shots at Kanye West and Lil Wayne

50 Cent

50 Cent Interview with Dj Whoo Kid

In this 26 minute interview, 50 Cent makes it clear in his recent joint, “Play This On The Radio” that when he says, “First they made that faggot hot then they give that junkie shine” that he was referring to Kanye West and Lil Wayne respectively. He also talks about how fashion has changed as a result of the popularity of Kanye and Wayne and seems a little mad G-Unit clothing fell apart pushing baggy ass clothes.

It’s also hilarious to hear him say Lil Wayne is going to become oversaturated and fall off. I guess he’s speaking from experience.

4 thoughts on “50 Cent Throws Shots at Kanye West and Lil Wayne

  1. fifty is the biggest hater and I know he’s not talkin about anyone being a fag(personally I think he’s fucking yayo) G unit sucks,they can’t rap none of em’! everytime he raps,i just hear hippityhoopla. why doesn’t he do us all a favor and disappear.

  2. he is so mutaf**ken fine maine datz my babydaddy 4real.so all u hataz can back da f**k back.

  3. if you listen to lil wayne and kanye and tried to call me fake, i would beat your ass on the spot. i also know that i would woop your fucking ass cause anyone who listens to wayne or kanye (in my experience) is a complete bitch. fuck you.

  4. Jesus, halla dude. This motherf*uckers gotta excuse us we are in the middle of biz, and real music by 50 and other good fellas, wayne fans betta shut tha hell up before … I saw stuart little in disguise and i knew i saw wayne, hahaha!!! He is a sucker kissin his father s ass, hell no.

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