Fifty Talks Greezy About Lil Wayne…Again

50 Cent Paris Hilton

50 Cent whose not been getting much good press lately since his last albums/songs/mixtapes suck balls, has decided to take another crack at baiting Lil Wayne. Instead of calling Lil Wayne a “whore”, Fifty is not calling Wayne a biter. Particularly, Fifty told Rolling Stone that Lil Wayne’s monster hit Lollipop was influenced by Candy Shop. Here’s what Fifty said,

“‘Lollipop’” is ‘lick lick lick lick it like a lollipop,’” 50 told Rolling Stone, singing the verse to prove his point. “And ‘Candy Shop’ is ‘I’ll take you to the Candy Shop/ I’ll let you lick the lollipop.’”

Yeah so I suppose that if we look at every song with the words “lick it” in it as borrowing from Fifty’s Candy Shop then we can say that Khia’s My Neck, My Back and Kiss’ Lick It Up which came out in 1990 are all Fifty biters.

2 thoughts on “Fifty Talks Greezy About Lil Wayne…Again

  1. Lil Wayne is soo sexy. HE dat song lolipop 4 me becuz I wuz licking hem last nite.

  2. i herd lil wayne exploded on on fifty’s chin, thats why he’s acting all bitter

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