50 Cent Talks Greezy About Jay-Z…Again

50 Cent Jay-Z
This is the official picture for anytime Fifty talks greezy.

50 Cent whose in the UK promoting his new movie Righteous Kill was asked by BBC’s 1xtra if he would be performing at any international festivals similar to how Jay-Z did the Glastonbury Music Festival. In true Fifty fashion he big’d himself and Eminem up and took a slight at a big name rapper, this time Jay-Z. Here’s what he said,

I’m the largest hip-hop touring artist period. Like Em (Eminem) is the biggest rap artist on the planet. And I’m the largest touring artist because I travel places when he won’t go actually go to each one of those territories to be in front of all his fans. Not that he doesn’t love them but he just won’t make the sacrifice of traveling as hard as I do. Jay-Z didn’t have a lot of records that had really big international followings. So for him to be able to get out there and be the actual headliner, it was just good positioning on his team’s part.

Yeah Jay-Z doesn’t have a big international following. Sure. I’m not even going to argue that.

On a sidebar, don’t you hate it when Fifty talks “faux business” using words like “territories” and “positioning” and saying “I’m in a great space”. What a fruit cake.

4 thoughts on “50 Cent Talks Greezy About Jay-Z…Again

  1. 50 cent is hip-hop heavyweight

  2. fif is as fake as they come

  3. I like fifty he’s always bringing excitement 2 te game do u fifty cause i be watchin

  4. hi fifty cent the top rapper in the world. the best clip i do enjoy is where u say fuck the law im also law.

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