50 Cent Talks About Jay-Z Vs Beanie Sigel

50 Cent

50 Cent talks about the Jay-Z vs Beanie Sigel beef as his name was brought up by Beanie Sigel as someone that takes care of his artist. He also talks about Before I Self Destruct leaking and his past feuds with Rick Ross and Tia’s photoshoot.

[audio:50 Cent Beanie Interview.mp3]
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4 thoughts on “50 Cent Talks About Jay-Z Vs Beanie Sigel

  1. I like Jay-Z and Nas Equally i will always no opinion will ever make me decide which is a better lyricist they’re both great lyricist it’s just that they both appeal to different people so of course one fan will say jay or nas is better than the other. As for 50 he needs to quit stirring the pot grow up and mind your damn business girls gossip not men.

  2. but at the same time since his name was brought up he should be allowed to speak on the topic. Plus he’s got an album dropping lmfao learning from the joe budden school of marketing

  3. I think that 50 is a good artist, but he needds to realize that taking sides in beef or jumping on the bandwagon won’t help his career. Kanye destroyed him and now he’s trying to find something to talk about since being shot is old fashioned now. At the end of the day he’s a business man and Beanie Sigel won’t fit his style of business. Quite simple, the guy is not that marketable. He’s an average rapper with little or no business sense of the game. Why run to the guy that your previous crew had beef with? All in all, 50 will use him and then drop him “IF HE SIGNS HIM”. Honestly, Banks is “G-Unit, 50 is just the face because its his company. Sigel, if I were you I would sign with KOCH. Yo 50, assess yourself like you do others and maybe then you can fill that void in your life. I think that your jealous that
    Jay-Z is doing bigger abd better things and that you can’t do those things. Though I don’t know either of you guys, all of you need to read “Breaking the curse of Willie Lynch”.

  4. f**k jay-z NAS IS THE GREATEST ALIVE.”NAME A RAPPER THAT I AINT INFLUENCE” camparin but of them is simple”PIOSON” and 50 could be gay just like the cartoon series BONDUCKS{THUGILIOUS}

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