50 Cent Sniffing Coke


Apparently this footage of 50 Cent getting his coke sniff on before a performance in Croatia. Watch closely.


6 thoughts on “50 Cent Sniffing Coke

  1. He aint smoking shit!!! He just need the publicity,cause his C.D. was'nt the #1 selling rap. C.D. this time Around. GO KANYE!!!! U HAVE MY CONDOLESES.

  2. dumb idea and accusation.

  3. bitch get ya facts straight do some research 50 was #1 they only counted U.S. Sales 50 had the #1 album in the world which he said he would have Kanye got a way’s to go before he actually touch 50

  4. yea but 50 garbage.

  5. fuk 50 cent he a trash ass rapper he needa stick to makin vitaim water cause he cnt rap n his clothes fukin ugly

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