50 Cent Says Rappers Don’t Rap Like They Used To

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Acting as a guest host on New York’s Power 105 fm, 50 Cent had this to say about established artists,

“A lot of artists actually ain’t rapping like they were when they first started.”

Yeah we know Fifty, we know. I guess it’s the power of a dollar that has got to them.


3 thoughts on “50 Cent Says Rappers Don’t Rap Like They Used To

  1. So true…so true…there will never be an era like the 70s Kurtis Blow, et al or Run DMC…the downfall was when the newer rappers tried to pretend to create a lyric-dragging style which, in truth, was because they couldn’t hold a beat and stay in time with the music.

  2. Helloooo :)

  3. u the coolest and best rapper alive 4get lil wayne, he lookin 4 fans

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