50 Cent “Officer Ricky Go Ahead Try Me” (Rick Ross Diss)

Officier Rick Ross


Considering Rick Ross is the one that through the first shot, I actually respect 50 Cent for responding (though was there any doubt he wouldn’t?). Why Ross would dare call Fifty out either means he has something on Fifty or he is trying to re-establish his street cred. I have a feeling he’s going to come out with a statement saying his lyrics we’re “taking out of context”.

*Spoiler Alert* In true Fifty fashion he baits Lil Wayne at the end of the joint.

11 thoughts on “50 Cent “Officer Ricky Go Ahead Try Me” (Rick Ross Diss)

  1. you forgot the third option. Maybe, just maybe 50 called Rick False (and Lil Wayne) so he could help him with his album sales. That’s probably why 50 pushed it back 20x, he had no one to beef with.

  2. Nah Rick Ross is a punk fo bein a popo then tryna get in tha game anyway

  3. please tell me how a CO is the po-po or the police or a cop?? A CO cant arrest you in the street. they enforce the rules INSIDE a prison or correctional facility. Thats it. As a John Q Public, i can arrest you tho. its called a citizens arrest. remember that phrase??! so that would make er’body who isnt Rick Ross, who crying foul about RR…. a cop if you really wanna get technical with it. Think about that for a sec. min. hour or how ever long it takes for it to sink in your skull.

  4. Fuck Rick Ross he fake fuckin cop

  5. typical goon response, even if rick ross was a fucking cop he’d still be better than 50

  6. i love bird man my main artist in amrica

  7. Yo, 50’s my dude….. Sloppy Ross can’t handle the whole weight. Fat Ross and Fake ass Joe can’t eat a D([email protected]*

  8. g-unit as 50cent and the boss as ricky ross they are doing well in diz business by swaggering @ each other to maintaing a competition in da rap game

  9. i think Officer has to admint thet fact that he is not fat enough to stand infronta’ 50.

  10. fuk anybody who beefs with 50. Esp when they aint in the top 20 of forbes hip list. At least jayz got something to boast about. First week sales and that’s it…lol

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