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According to Google Trends, 50 Cent is the most popular rapper on the internet. This means that you guys are doing the most amount of searches on Fifty using Google in comparison to his peers. For this study, I used T.I., Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. For the most part, Jay-Z, T.I. and Lil Wayne have pretty similar results, and only saw spikes when their album was being released. Interestingly, Kanye has two huge spikes in the fall of 2005 and again in the fall of 2007. In the fall of 2005 is when Kanye infamously remarked “George Bush doesn’t like Black people” and september 2007 is when Kanye released his third album Graduation to much fanfare against 50 Cent’s Curtis.

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Another interesting thing to note, is the rise in popularity of Lil’ Wayne since 2004. As you can see Wayne’s popularity has increased dramatically since the end of 2005. Naturally interest in Weezy would have peaked with the release of Tha Carter 2 in December 2005 and then trek downward. However, Lil Wayne managed to keep interest in him stable until he released Like Father Like Son with Baby in October 2006, in which his popularity shot up even higher. Lil Wayne hasn’t even released an album in 2007 and has stated Tha Carter 3 will be out in 2008 and is still much more popular today even when he released his last two albums! But how?

We all know Lil’ Wayne has done probably a 100 guest appearances this year alone, as well as his Dedication and Drought mixtapes within the last two years. But is this really enough to generate a bigger buzz then an album? We all know Wayne has become much more popular then he has ever been, even though no official album has been released. My guess is that Wayne is benefiting more from his guest appearances then the actual artist whose songs he is on. Can you honestly remember whose track Weezy featured on? No, just Weezy’s crazy verse. With very little promotion, Wayne has been able to brand himself has the “greatest rapper alive” without actually having any proof via an album. In addition, Wayne has recently been featured in non-hip hop publications such as GQ and Vibe, proclaiming him as the g.r.a (greatest rapper alive).

Case in point:

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7 thoughts on “Most Popular Rapper According to Google

  1. You can’t do a research about rap without the best rapper ever: EMINEM.

  2. Eminem is best rapper of this time because of his ability to rap about emotional life which occured in the past already..not only rapping about sex and drugs but about his feelings towards his children….this man has changed my life from cutting myself to see how much I bleed to cherishing every day of my life. I don’t care what others think about him

  3. for your fyi 2pac is the greatest rapper and google said kanye west and ti were the greatest rappers.try they were
    NOT the greatest rappers. 2pac is. google needs to get there facts right.

  4. emeinem is dumb and he talks about fake crap. and 2pac talks about real things in his life west side. rip 2pac.

  5. All you mo’fuckers…..EMINEM is the best rapper of all time….the undisputed king of rap!!!!

  6. emienm is the most liked person on facebook and ur tellin’ me that 50 cent is the most popular rapper ur fuked up

  7. 50 cents crap. Cmon KANYE!!!!!

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