50 Cent Calls Jay-Z “Urkel”

Fifty gets his “Eminem on” going so far as saying “Jay-Z looks like Urkel” and much more in his new video “Flight 187”.

Does this guy know of a thing called oversaturation? This is like his 100th video this year.


5 thoughts on “50 Cent Calls Jay-Z “Urkel”

  1. That baby mama-herpe line sounds like Eminem wrote it.

  2. this song sucks so fucking bad. i don’t even give his tracks a chance when they come on, now i remember why.

  3. i prefer his low budget bullshit over his actual videos, and honestly i cannot listen to this without watching this video

  4. shit i just got it 1-8-7 destination hell or heaven aight

  5. this shit sounds terrible. fifty should be shot in a field

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