50 Cent “Baby By Me” Flyer

Not really sure what’s going on in this promotional photo for 50 Cent’s song “Baby By Me” nor do I have a clue why Kelly Rowland is playing “mom” but this nonetheless cracks me up.

50 Cent Baby By Me Flyer


6 thoughts on “50 Cent “Baby By Me” Flyer

  1. Brah…make that a casket for two…cause i’m dyin with you…along with EVERYONE in my damn office right now! WOW!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is there anyone in the Rap game funnier than 50? He is outdoing himself. Hey Yorapper have you peeped the BISD IV? I liked it, well it was better than Curtis production wise. And it doesn’t seem as saturated.

  3. Yeah I got it but I’m too busy listening to that new Royce. Shit is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I always wonder why did he named himself 50 cent…. I mean he earns a lot more then 50 cent…. what does he call his child? 20 cent?… his boss?… 1$??? LOLz…. just kiding…..

  5. 50 Cent was an old school hustler from Curtis Jacksons neighborhood. He was like 5 foot nothing but completely ruthless. There’s a documentary on him. It’s actually a pretty decent story.

  6. BTW…I might pick up CB4 at Blockbuster tonight. lol

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