5 Women Joe Budden Would Smash


If this isn’t Joe Budden stanery I don’t know what it is. After Joe said that he regularly views dump.com and that he ate out Gloria Velez, I look at this dude like some next freak.

2 thoughts on “5 Women Joe Budden Would Smash

  1. For real I aint into porn the shit’s nasty to me, but i’d probably eat out Gloria Velez, I mean, you know I’d most likely definatly do that, fucking if I am thinking of the same girl, dude shes fucking bangin You can’t even front, Call me a bitch for it a freak for it, but regularly hitting that, Joe Budden is a lucky dude.

  2. hahahhaha badman don’t eat no pum-pum. Sorry it’s the Jamaican influence.

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