5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Twitter Followers

Many up and comers whether they are rappers, singers, djs, bands, actors, businesses or whatever are looking for attention. They want attention so bad that they resort to buying twitter followers to (a) Make themselves feel good about themselves and (b) To get more attention for their youtube video, datpiff mixtape, or whatever their pushing. The problem is YOU CAN’T BUY REAL TWITTER FOLLOWERS. Keyword being REAL. You can, however, buy tons of FAKE FOLLOWERS, but here’s 5 reasons why you don’t want to do that.

1. You’re buying fake followers aka bots aka fake profiles. Think about it? If it costs $300 for 15,000 followers just divide the amount it costs by the number of followers, in this case .02 cents. That means the company you bought followers from is paying people less than 2 cents to follow you. Who the hell would follow someone for 2 cents? Would you? I don’t know about you but I take my timeline seriously.

2. People-in-the-know will laugh at you. My “friend” whose a dj, bought followers recently and I couldn’t help but laugh when I looked over the types of “people” that were following him. The majority of his followers had zero tweets. It might be okay to have a few people who have never tweeted following you, but when you have 10,000 people who have never tweeted following you, it’s way too obvious that you bought followers.

3. You will get no Retweets. The whole point of twitter is to get others to spread your message. If the majority of your followers are fake they are not going to retweet your videos, jokes, show dates, sales, appearances, because THEY ARE NOT REAL. It’s easy to spot someone with fake followers by just clicking on their tweets and seeing how many retweets they have. A person with say 50,000 followers should have at least 50 retweets for pretty much everything they say, even if they just say “hello”. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 1 retweet for every 1000 followers you have. If your tweets are not getting that kind of love than you are either boring as hell or your fanbase doesn’t care about you or your followers are fake.

4. You wont know how well you’re doing. Twitter is a good way to know how well your performance went, how good your song is, how sick your video is. If you just pump yourself up with fake followers, you will never know how good you’re doing. Since you’re an up and comer, you are going to need that feedback. Don’t take that lack of feedback you’ve been receiving for spamming your youtube link all over the place as reason to buy followers, take it as reason to make a better video and to make a better song.

5. You’ll get called out on it. I recently discovered Fake Follower Check, an online tool to see how many fake followers someone has, and from my testing (inputting local rappers twitter handles) it’s pretty god damn accurate. It’s good because it shows how many fake, inactive and real followers someone has and is a good way to tell which rappers paid for followers. This is a good tool for label execs to see which unsigned rappers are faking their online buzz, all they have to do is see who has a high amount of fake and inactive followers.

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