Day: April 7, 2013

Ray J – I Hit It First (Kanye West Diss)

No this isn’t a serious Kanye diss it is a serious attempt to get attention and guess what it worked -you’re reading this aren’t you? This is a fun song that anyone who has an ex that got away can relate to. Kanye’s response is going to be vicious.

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Why Kid Cudi Left GOOD Music

Considering most unsigned rappers would sell their unborn children to sign to Kanye’s GOOD Music, it’s interesting to see GOOD’s marquee artist abandon ship. I’m not saying GOOD is sinking it is probably rising but why would Cudi leave now? And where is he going? Cudi’s always been a strange artist. When he first blew […]

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Rick Ross Promoting Rape?

It’s a sign of the times. Where everything can be googled. Where everyones mad about something. Where everyone has a college degree. This is where Rick Ross gets into trouble. We’ve seen this story already play out with Lil Wayne and strangely enough with Ross’ artist Meek Mill. My guess it’ll blown over when the […]

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